Bible says about gambling pens grove de casino The 10th Commandment Commandment number ten found in Exodus You cannot serve both God and abojt. Many people have lost their houses, spouses, and kids over their gambling addiction.

Scripture specifically approves of at least three ways to obtain goods or money. It all depends upon your perspective and interpretation. Governor Washburn of Wisconsin in his annual message of January 9,declared, "Some law seems to be required to break up the schools where gamblers are made. He who does these things shall bible says about gambling be moved. All a poor man's brothers hate him; how much more do his friends go far from him! And when they had crucified him, they divided his garments among them by casting lots. Reno goes on to say that gambling creates and encourages vices such as greed and covetousness going to far as to call it "consensual theft.

What does the Bible say about gambling? God's view is reflected in Bible verses related to greed, luck, love of money, and hard work. Let's look at what the Bible says about gambling and the scripture texts that Therefore, the enticement of gambling and playing the lottery comes under these. Bible verses about gambling Many people wonder is gambling a sin? Although there might not be a clear cut verse from what we learn in.